Welcome to the Providence Revolver Club

One of the finest private indoor shooting ranges in New England, the Providence Revolver Club (PRC) was founded over 100 years ago.  Six target systems with individual port lighting and a state-of-the-art air filtration system provide a clean and exciting shooting experience for our members.

Should you like to speak to someone about becoming a member, please click this link:  I’d like membership information. (Or send an email to membership@providencerevolver.com)

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Meeting Dates For 2020



MARCH 3, 2020

JUNE 2, 2020


DECEMBER 1, 2020

ANNUAL MEETING – Set by the President as Follows:

              APRIL 28, 2020 (Election of Officers)

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETINGS are on the Third Tuesday of the Following Months:

• JANUARY 21, 2020

• FEBRUARY 18, 2020

• MARCH 17, 2020

• APRIL 21, 2020

• MAY 19, 2020

• JUNE 16, 2020

• JULY 21, 2020

• AUGUST 18, 2020

• SEPTEMBER 15, 2020

• OCTOBER 20, 2020

• NOVEMBER 17, 2020

• DECEMBER 15, 2020

*Members and Non-Members are not permitted to attend these meetings unless invited and approved by the Executive Committee. The clubhouse will be off limits to the members during the meetings; however, the range will be available.

** Only members in good standing shall be permitted to attend the regular business meetings, unless invited by the Executive Committee.

NOTES: Dues in the amount of $220.00 are due on January 1, 2020 grace period is extended to January 31, 2020 Dues paid after January 31, 2020 will be charged with a       $ 25.00 late fee All key-fobs of members not in good standing will be deactivated on February 16, 2020 Payments made after January 31, 2020 may result in a delay of your key-fob being reactivated If you have any questions or need to discuss payment please call me at 401-946-6920

Best wishes for a Happy, Prosperous, and Safe New Year

Lou Federici, President

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Range Rule Reminder

All firearms shall be retrieved and returned to their respective carrying box or bag at the PORTS ONLY.

You shall NOT retrieve or return your firearm to its carrying case behind the port.  This is a very strict safety rule that will be viewed as a serious rule infraction.

Executive Committee

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Range Rules Change

On September 2, 2014 the PRC membership voted to authorize an additional type target to the approved list.

The list of approved targets is as follows:
• B2 Bullseye
• B3 Bullseye
• B-29 Silhouette Target 11.5″ x 23″ Paper (MAXIMUM DIMENSIONS)
• Stick-on; “Shoot – n- See”

1. All targets shall be placed a minimum of 25’ downrange.
2. No one shall be permitted to shoot ahead of the ports.
3. Fast Draws are not permitted
4. No steel projectiles are to be used (check ammo with the provided magnet)
5. No target shall exceed these dimensions: 11.5”x23”
6. No target shall represent a human face or body. Just the B29 type.


Copper Plated Steel Bullets are absolutely PROHIBITED!
The use of this type of ammo at our club, may cause your membership to be in jeopardy. Please take this as a final warning. This ammo is banned in most if not all, indoor pistol clubs.

Executive Committee

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Reminder: Hold keyfob close to gold star

The long distance reader has failed a second time and a substitute is being used.  You must hold your keyfob an inch or two away from the gold star on the wall to be read.

We are waiting for a replacement long-distance reader to arrive.  But given that two of them have failed in four months we are exploring backup scenarios for access as well.

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Reminder: Please update your EMAIL address!!!

Approximately half the club membership has an email address on file.  In the near future we will stop sending out paper announcements of meetings (which cost several hundred dollars per mailing) and do all of our announcements via EMAIL and through the website.

Please ensure your membership information is correct, and make sure that we have an active EMAIL address on file, please enter than information on the form you will find on the “Member Info Tab”  (middle of the black bar that is right below the photo at the top of the every page).  You will need to enter your keyfob number so we can validate your changes.

Members are also reminded that those with EMAIL addresses are automatically setup in the Member-0nly discussion forum.

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