Range Rules Change

On September 2, 2014 the PRC membership voted to authorize an additional type target to the approved list.

The list of approved targets is as follows:
• B2 Bullseye
• B3 Bullseye
• B-29 Silhouette Target 11.5″ x 23″ Paper (MAXIMUM DIMENSIONS)
• Stick-on; “Shoot – n- See”

1. All targets shall be placed a minimum of 25’ downrange.
2. No one shall be permitted to shoot ahead of the ports.
3. Fast Draws are not permitted
4. No steel projectiles are to be used (check ammo with the provided magnet)
5. No target shall exceed these dimensions: 11.5”x23”
6. No target shall represent a human face or body. Just the B29 type.


Copper Plated Steel Bullets are absolutely PROHIBITED!  Please check your ammunition with a magnet, and we have magnets on the range for you.  If your bullet sticks to a magnet, it’s steel and you cannot use it.

The use of this type of ammo at our club, may cause your membership to be in jeopardy. Please take this as a final warning. This ammo is banned in most if not all, indoor pistol clubs.

Executive Committee

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