About PRC

A Members only Club that was founded in 1903, the Providence Revolver Club (PRC) moved to its present site in Cranston in 1906 and was incorporated in 1908.  PRC today is considered to be one of the finest NRA-affiliated indoor handgun ranges in New England.

The Range consists of six fully equipped positions that meet the needs of every shooter, novice or expert.  Amenities include motorized target carriers and a state-of-the-art recirculation air filtration system.

Members have 24 hour access to the air conditioned clubhouse, which is the perfect spot for meetings, training, and a place to socialize.  A fully equipped “safe” room provides a place to clean and inspect firearms.  Firearm publications and an extensive video tape lending library are available for members.

In, 2013 the club underwent some extensive renovations.  Here is a before and after view of the clubhouse:



Providence Revolver Clubhouse after renovations