Pistol Team

Is Competitive Shooting for You?

  • The Providence Revolver Pistol Team has won the Rhode Island State Pistol Championship many times in the past years!
  • We did it with one of the best bunch of guys and gals around.
  • We constantly have turnover in the team.  Experienced members move from the area, and new shooters join us all the time.  As a concequence we are always rebuilding the team. We invite you to join us and help continue to build on our tradition of excellence.
  • We all started at the low end of the shooting ladder and worked our way up gradually, all at our own pace.  There is no pressure on team members to be expert marksmen.
  • The more experienced shooters are always there to help the new members with advice ranging from shooting techniques, equipment, and advice on the mental approach to the game.
  • Join the TEAM and challenge yourself!

The League information is as follows:

  • We shoot Wednesday Nights Starting at 7:30 PM. You may get to the range as late as 9:00 PM or when the last relay starts, which ever is latest.
  • On Monday’s at 7:30 PM, the team holds an informal practice where you can pick up lots of pointers on shooting.
  • The league fee is $ 50, which includes the annual dinner (unbelievable smorgasbord.) There is no fee for just joining the team.  The scores of those individuals who do not join the league will not be turned into the league statistician.  You shoot competitively at your own pace.
  • PRC has its own Team dinner in August to kick off the new season.  Great food great fun at the Captain’s home.
  • Both the League and the Team award trophies (even new shooters are eligible for trophies. We also award trophies for certain accomplishments.)

PS: If you want to shoot with team and NOT have your scores count let me know.

Lou Federici, Pistol Team Captain, [email protected]

REMINDER:  The clubhouse will be closed from 7:30 until the last round on nights of HOME matches.